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Backing up data is essential to ensure business function. However, with costly software and backup devices, it becomes difficult to properly store your data on site.

This is where we come in. We understand it can be difficult to choose a backup solution provider. We understand the importance of data backup and recovery and we make sure it is done right. We want to make that decision an easy one for you. Whatever your software needs, with data back up to our data centers, we've got you covered.

Universal compatibility

The beauty of cloud computing is that you can stay connected at all times from any devices. Backup protection will be compatible with all operating systems across all devices – from mobile phones to tablets to laptops to desktop computers.


Protecting private data, especially when it comes to business, is vital. In addition to protecting your company's information, it's important that you take steps to protect employees' and customers' personal and private information. Both employees and customers should feel confident that their information is safe and secure when doing business with you. Any backup system with us includes advanced encryption and security features to prevent a breach.


While it's unlikely that a single user will encounter major issues with bandwidth, an entire company has potential to experience serious problems. A company system can become inundated with constant backup and duplicate data, so a system that keeps only one copy of each file – but shares it among all users – works better than one that stores separate copies for each user.

Cloud Storage Solutions

  • Imagine having the ability to upgrade your servers automatically, without downtime or extra expenses.
  • Imagine having flexibility of anytime, anywhere business functions that give you the edge over the competition.
  • Imagine the peace of mind knowing your mission-critical business data is in a high-availability cloud fortress that is protected yet accessible to those you choose.

Small and large businesses need the perfect solution for increased storage capacity while saving on cost. Our Cloud can provide these solutions to you. Through our Partner Program, we are able to provide the maintenance for many organizations, while helping your IT company and your clients full cost saving opportunities.

Our cloud servers range from micro-servers to large enterprise servers and have full customization capabilities. You choose the option that suits the needs of your clients. The price is adjusted based on the size of the server and the amount of bandwidth consumed. We utilize two state-of-the-art data center facilities, complete with second day disaster recovery solutions.

We are consistently up to date with the latest technologies offered through Microsoft, Xen/XenServer, Dell, EMC2 and VMware to ensure servers are leveraging a cutting-edge software and hardware suite sure to improve the way you and your clients do business.

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