"Ansley Communications has helped us through difficult transitions with staff changes, servers needing to be transferred and a switch of a phone system. They have quickly become part of the team. When you consider the problems they help us handle and the glitches they prevent with their expertise, they are more than just affordable. They save us money."

Paul McQuaid
Company Director
Elliott Wave International

"Since Ansley Communication updated our fiber network – we've experienced 100% uptime! Something we never thought possible. From the beginning of our project Ansley's team was professional, proactive and reliable. We were able to work together on timelines and changes to avoid downtime in our plant. All of our projects have come in on time, on budget and better than we expected. I had no idea we could get this level of service in a rural area."

Natalie Gadow
American Woodmark

"Ansley Communications has serviced our company's telephones for many years, Ansley Communications is a name we trust. So when our business started considering a VoIP solution Ansley Communications was our first call. After Ansley Communications presented the VoIP services and detailed out the monthly savings for our business compared to our current telephone services it was clear that the VoIP solution was a step in the right direction for our business."

CPA firm
Cornelia, Georgia

"Circle of Hope is thankful to Ansley Communications and Juniper Networks for the equipment donation provided to our Emergency Shelter facility. This upgrade helps ensure our internal networks are working at maximum capacity in order to serve those experiencing domestic violence in our community. It is with the support from local businesses, such as Ansley Communications, that Circle of Hope is able to provide 24-hour life-saving services to victims of domestic violence."

Suzanne Dow
Executive Director, Circle of Hope

"...we have partnered with Ansley for our telecommunications for the better part of fifteen years. So, they have always provided great service for us, they've always been really good about bringing new ideas, new technology, new products to the table..."

"...any project, anything I've ever done with them, that has always been the case, they have always delivered on what they sell me. I've never had anything that I've done with them get put in and then there's some sort of shortcoming, there's something that they said it would do that it wouldn't do, that sort of thing, so no complaints there with them at all."

"I look at Ansley as a partner. I mean, they know our business, they know how we do business, so I feel like, over the years, it's not always about selling us something. I mean, they want to put in place the best equipment or solution for us that works for us."

"...they know as well as I do that telecom and data is rapidly changing. This is not the same business that it was even five years ago, and you have to roll with that, and I think they do a good job of that, evolving into other areas, and from our standpoint, we try to stay ahead of the technology curve in our industry, so that's always been something we take pride in."

Roger Moore - IT Director
City Plumbing and Electric

"Since being assigned the task of researching a phone system and comparing the range of products that could best fulfill our current and future needs, I have determined that Ansley Communications has significantly surpassed the others in terms of reputation, affordability, and support.

My testimonies of this company lead me to view the product as well-tested, legitimate, and of high quality.

In fact, in addition to fulfilling the requirements of our current situation, the phone system offers a number of supplementary capabilities that could prove useful down the road. Therefore, considering the information and insight that I have gathered, I highly recommend the services of Ansley Communications."

Lena Arbelo
Mar-Jac Poultry, Inc.

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